Maplegate Country Club Near Franklin, MA

The Maplegate Country Club offers an 18 hole championship golf course in a setting partly within the town borders of Franklin, MA.  Access is open to the public, so it is a convenient resource for all golfers in Franklin.


Maplegate is situated on 150 acres of land which straddles the town line between Franklin, MA and neighboring Town of Bellingham, MA.  So the entrance to the Maplegate Country Club is in Bellingham (off of Maple Street), but a good portion of the facility is in Franklin, MA.


The Maplegate Country Club’s 18 hole golf course is open to the public.  You can buy a season pass or use the course by the day or  partial-day basis.
The Maplegate Country Club offers lessons (private or group).  There are special programs for youth players.

Maplegate Country Club
160 Maple Street
Bellingham, MA
Phone: 508-966-4040
Fax: 508-966-3470

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