Franklin, MA High School

The Franklin High School is located at 218 Oak Street in Franklin, MA.

Franklin MA High School

Replacing an old, outmoded high school building in 2014, the current facility is gorgeous!  Its three levels contain over 82,000 square feet of academic space. This includes a 17,000+square foot gymnasium, 800 seat auditorium, state of the art media center, fully equipped science labs and loads of cutting edge technology.  This beautiful and technologically advanced high school is a wonderful investment in the public schools of Franklin, MA!

Video gallery of Franklin High School

Here’s a collection of videos showing you just how stupendous the new High School is:


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Franklin MA High School

The website for the Franklin High School has lots of helpful information about the beautiful high school in Franklin, MA.  You can access information about the school’s program of studies, check out the library and get a feel for the guidance center.

Another good source of information about Franklin High is the Franklin High School Profile published by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Franklin MA high school profile

You can also see content below on the high school and on how the new facility was built, including the vote for construction of the school.