Tour the Keller Elementary School in Franklin MA

The Franklin Public Schools in association with the Franklin School Committee recently conducted a public tour of the Keller Elementary School. Located at 500 Lincoln Street in Franklin, MA, Keller Elementary enrolls children from a large portion of homes in the northeastern part of Franklin. Keller is the newest public school in this desirable town in the I-495 region of Mass.

Keller district map

Here is the area of Franklin served by the Keller Elementary School:


Modern design, bright and welcoming interior

The Keller School was built in 2002.  Its modern design features wide hallways, well-lit stairwells and lots of artwork throughout the corridors and public spaces.

Artwork and projects done by students fill the hallways with interest and color.  Keller students also get to enjoy wall murals recently painted by internationally-acclaimed artist Bren Bataclan.

These murals are based on the ‘Oceans of Fun” theme selected by  the majority vote of all Keller students.  Mr. Bataclan incorporated into the murals images and designs created by Keller students.  Mr Bataclan works out of Boston and has been profiled on the CBS World News. His works have appeared in print publications ranging from Smithsonian Magazine to The New Yorker.

State-of-the-art classrooms

‘Cheerful, fresh and clean’ are the words that best characterize the classrooms at Keller Elementary, as befits Franklin’s newest elementary school.

The technology in the classrooms is up-to-date as well.  Many classes have interactive whiteboards connected to document cameras (real-time image capture devices).

This technology allows a teacher to display on the whiteboard what she is writing on paper and to display and manipulate objects while the class watches in real time.  In addition, every classroom at Keller has two student computers.

Beautiful Media Center/Library

The soaring atrium ceiling at the Keller Elementary School’s Media Center/Library creates an energizing sense of space, while the stacks and reading areas convey a warm, cozy feel.

The Keller Elementary School’s Media Center/Library is dedicated to instilling a love of reading in Keller students while helping them develop the technological skills that will be needed in middle and high school.  The Media Center/Library is used by both Keller Elementary and Sullivan Middle School students.

Lively Cafetorium

The Cafetorium at Keller is one of the centers of life at the school. Its uses go way beyond just serving lunch.

The Keller Cafetorium is the site of many fun and educational school activities including singing performances and art shows as well as an annual Science Night where kids get to explore, experiment and have fun!

In short, the Keller Cafetorium is a very special place!

Learn more about the Keller Elementary School

Follow the hotlink to read about  the Keller Elementary profile maintained by the MA Department of Education, see standardized test results for Keller students and to take a look at Keller’ s ratings at  I have had both of my children at Keller and have been very impressed with the teachers and staff!

Photo gallery of Keller Elementary in Franklin, MA


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