What school rating sites say about Davis Thayer Elementary

School rating websites aggregate all kinds of data on schools. Standardized test scores, student-teacher ratios, and school district demographics, including economic and ethnic diversity, are just some of the facts used by the sites in the school profiles and ratings they publish. What these sites say about a school can have a huge influence on how well the public thinks a school is serving its community. And how highly its public schools are rated can have a considerable economic impact on a community. So school ratings are vitally important!

In this post, you’ll see what the major school rating sites have to say about the Davis Thayer Elementary School in Franklin, Massachusetts.

How rating sites rank Davis Thayer Elementary

The results speak well for Davis Thayer!

Use the hotlinks embedded in the images below to access the Davis Thayer Elementary School evaluations posted on four of the most popular rating sites.

Davis Thayer gets a “Four Star” write-up on SchoolDigger.com.  GreatSchools.org awards an “8 out of 10” to the school.  Niche.com grades Davis Thayer a solid “B+”, while the school gets a “B” at SchoolGrades.org.

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Follow the hotlinks to learn more about the Davis Thayer Elementary School and all the other public schools in Franklin, MA.

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