How school rating sites grade Oak Street Elementary

School rating websites have developed a huge following over the last decade. The school profiles and rankings generated by these sites can serve as an important guide to relocating families unfamiliar with schools in areas they are considering moving to.  Parents seeking the best educations for their children also often rely on the school rating sites for information about their school options. 

So how a school is portrayed on rating sites such as and can have an outsize influence on the schools and the communities they serve.  In this post, you’ll see how the Oak Street Elementary School in Franklin, Massachusetts fares on the major school rating sites.

How rating sites rank Oak Street Elementary

The results are pretty encouraging!

Use the hotlinks embedded in the images below to access the Oak Street Elementary School evaluations posted on four of the most popular rating sites.

Two of the sites above ( and gave either “A” or “A-” ratings to Oak Street.  That speaks very well for the school! and assigned somewhat lower, but still positive, ratings to the school.

You might want to personally visit any school you are considering for your child, so you can draw on your personal judgment in selecting the right school for her.  

Follow the hotlink to learn more about the Oak Street Elementary School and all other public schools in Franklin, MA.