Cape homes

Shown below are all capes currently available in Franklin, Massachusetts.  Contact Warren if you’d like to tour any of the homes for sale you see below.

Note that this display may include some homes for sale whose style of construction does not match true cape architecture.  The discrepancy is due to the way house style data was entered into the MLS. 

A cape defined

The cape is a home style that’s widely available throughout Massachusetts.  It’s a solid housing choice for many home buyers.

The cape is a rectangular, one story structure with a steeply pitched roof that has side gables which allow the attic space to be finished. This space typically is finished into bedrooms, often with at least one bath (full or half). Capes in Massachusetts usually will have a basement, which make good candidates for finishing.  A gambrel cape is a cape as described above, but with the roof pushed out, allowing more head room in the finished attic living area.

Little or no attic storage

Capes give you two floors of living area above grade, with little or no separate storage space in the attic area. Because they lack attic storage, capes in the Bay State often are a bit less expensive than a comparably-sized colonial home.