Colonial homes

You’ll find on this page all colonials for currently for sale in Franklin, Massachusetts.  Contact Warren if you’d like to tour any of the homes for sale on this page.

Note that this display may include some homes for sale whose style of construction does not match true colonial architecture.  The discrepancy is due to the way house style data was entered into the MLS for each listing. 

What makes a home a colonial?

Year in and year out, there are a lot of colonials for sale in Franklin, MA and throughout the rest of Massachusetts.  The colonial is perhaps the most popular house style single family home in the Bay State. That’s because colonials generally offer the most usable living and storage space of all single family home floor plans.

Attic and basement space

Colonials are rectangular in shape and have 2 stories with a gable or hipped roof that creates attic space. The attic can be used for storage or the attic sometimes is finished.  Most colonials have basements as well; the basement allows great storage, but frequently is at least partly finished, creating ideal recreation or entertaining areas. So colonials give you two floors of living area above grade, plus attic and basement space – that’s a lot of house!