Save money with DIY Halloween costume ideas

It’s easy to spend $20 to $30 per child buying Halloween costumes every year.  The outfits are often used once and then languish somewhere in your basement or attic.  That’s a wasteful practice that really adds up to a considerable expense over time.

Why not give homemade costumes a try this Halloween?  You’ll save money and if you can get the little ones involved in the creative process, they’ll have fun . . . and maybe will learn a valuable lesson about thrift!

DIY costumes can be easy or elaborate – you choose!

Below are sites with lots of DIY Halloween costume ideas.  Some suggestions seem complex and challenging enough to be worthy of Martha Stewart, but other costume projects appear not to require sewing or much skill – just some creativity!

Family Fun @ Go

family fun

Costume Idea Zone

idea zone

Halloween Forum

halloween forum

Family Crafts @ About

about halloween costume

Robin’s FYI

robin halloween ideas

Homemade costume success

I hope home-produced costumes turn out well for you.  Have a successful, safe and financially sensible Halloween!

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