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This Portfolio offers valuable insights into the best practices of modern home marketing. The page showcases recent listings of attorney and real estate broker Warren Reynolds that, in effect, each have a story to tell. These stories illustrate important aspects of how to successfully sell real estate in the digital age.

Note that the listings in this Portfolio are just some of Warren’s recent listings.  You can see all of his recent home listings and sales here.

80/20 rule and the Three Ps

As in most areas of life, in real estate brokerage the 80/20 Rule applies: 80 percent of the business is done by only 20 percent of the agents. The vast majority of real estate agents are part-timers, dabblers and hobbyist agents who sell at best a few homes per year. Often they work only with family and friends, and get the occasional referral. And that’s perfectly fine for them – that’s all they want to do and are satisfied!

All these less-than-busy agents do pretty much the same things when they market a listing.  They employ the traditional, old-line real estate marketing tactics that are best described as the “Three Ps”. They:

Put up a for-sale sign; Post the listing to the MLS; and Pray the home sells.

For the bulk of real estate agents, even today, this is their marketing strategy!

A new formulation of the Three Ps of home sales

Today’s digital world opens up cutting-edge home marketing opportunities that can make a huge difference in how well your home sells. It’s not just about innovative techniques, it’s also about how well those techniques are performed.

Modern home marketing has three components, and all three are critical and necessary in order for optimal success in today’s digital marketplace. I call these components the “New Three Ps“. 


This can be likened to the packaging of a product before it goes on the market.  For example, if you are selling a used car, you wouldn’t dream of putting it on the lot before you washed, waxed and detailed it. If you’re Apple and about to release the latest version of the iPhone, you’re sure to pay just as much attention to the packaging as to the product itself.

In regards to home sales, preparation occurs in the process of staging and make-ready repairs, and it’s almost always overlooked by owners and their agents.


The second component of the New Three Ps of home sales is Price. If you’ve overpriced your home, all the preparation in the world isn’t going to make a difference. Conversely, an intelligent pricing strategy will result in more money for you at the closing.


The third and final component is Promotion. Today’s tech-savvy and mobile buyer is looking for their next home online.  This means you need a cutting-edge, aggressive internet and social strategy to help you succeed.  A good digital marketing strategy puts your home in front of more buyers and induces them to ask to get inside your home.  And getting buyers inside your home is the key to getting more – and better – offers for your property.

So browse through the Portfolio of listings below. They show you how preparation, price and promotion combine to make a magic sauce that produce superior results for home sellers.

(You can see all of Warren’s recent home listings and sales here.)

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March 19, 2021
warren reynolds real estate portfolio

Portfolio – 127 King Street, Unit 303

Warren’s marketing of 127 King Street, Unit 303 produced a quick sale $3,000 over the asking price.  This home in the Claremont Condominium community in Franklin, […]
March 17, 2021
warren reynolds real estate portfolio

Portfolio – 10 Blueberry Lane

SOLD | $610,000 | 10 Blueberry Lane, Upton, MA The marketing of 10 Blueberry Lane in Upton, MA generated a lot of interest and several offers. […]
December 28, 2020
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Portfolio -19 Pearl Street

Three renovated living levels helped this home sell quickly 19 Pearl Street appealed to first-time buyers, millennials in particular, who were looking for a home with […]
November 29, 2020
warren reynolds real estate portfolio

Portfolio – 7 Copperfield Lane

The sale of 7 Copperfield Lane in Franklin, MA was an outstanding success. The house found a buyer quickly, and the $520,000 selling price was $20,000+ […]
November 24, 2020
warren reynolds real estate portfolio

Portfolio – 99 Park Road

The marketing and sale of 99 Park Road in Franklin, MA was a complete success for the home sellers. This duplex condo sold for the asking […]