2012 real estate recap: Franklin MA ranch homes

2012 was a good year for ranch home sales in Franklin, MA. The median sale price for Franklin ranches increased 2.1% in 2012, with sales volume holding steady.   You can read an informative, attractive and easy to read report on the 2012 ranch home market in Franklin, Mass by following the hotlink or the image below.

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Did you know you can view all ranch homes for sale in Franklin on the MLS in real time?  Just follow the hotlink or the image below:

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Steady demand for Franklin ranches in 2012

19 ranches sold in Franklin during 2012, the same number that sold in 2011.

annual sales volume ranch homes franklin MA

For the last five years, the number of ranch homes changing hands in Franklin annually has fluctuated in a fairly narrow range.  The low was 17 ranch sales in 2010 and the high was 25 sales in 2009.  This consistent annual sales volume shows that the there is durable demand for ranches in Franklin. Affordable, updated ranches received the greatest interest in 2012.

Median sale price of ranches trends higher

The median sale price of ranch homes in Franklin rose 2.1% in 2012 to $245,000 (from $240,000 in 2011).

Franklin MA ranch homes median sale prices

This was the first increase in the median price for ranches in the last 3 years. The median sale price for all single family homes (including ranch homes) in Franklin rose 4.1% in 2012.

If you are thinking of selling your ranch in Franklin

Demand for quality one level homes should continue strong in 2013. If you are thinking of selling your ranch home in Franklin, read the full 2012 Franklin Ranch Home Market Update here.

If you have any questions about how your Franklin ranch stacks up in the local market in terms of price, features and amenities, I would be happy to assist you. I’ll develop a solid game plan to get your home sold for top dollar; just give me a call at 508-613-2889 or email me.  No cost or obligation!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!

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