Family Science Night at Franklin High School, Franklin, MA

Family Science Night is an annual event at the Franklin High School in Franklin, MA. 

Presented by members of the school’s Science National Honor Society, the event is designed to give elementary and middle school children hands-on exposure to fundamental scientific principles.  The goal of the event is to spark kids’ interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and encourage them to pursue careers in the sciences. 

 Franklin High School science course offerings

Follow the hotlink at right or in the image above to access some of the science curriculum at the Franklin High School.

Video of Family Science Night

Below is a video of the Family Science Night recently held at the Franklin High School in Franklin, Massachusetts:

Franklin High School state of the art

Family Science Night is held every year in the beautiful Franklin High School facility

Franklin High School in Franklin, MA

Opened in 2014, its three levels contain over 82,000 square feet of academic space.  The school’s science labs are state of the art.  Classrooms sport cutting edge technology.  There’s also an 800 seat auditorium, state of the art media center and a 17,000+ square foot gymnasium.

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