Downtown Franklin facelift’s striking success in before and after photos

It took over two years and $7 million, but Downtown Franklin, MA’s road and streetscape remodeling project was worth the effort and inconvenience.  For many long months in 2015 and 2016, construction equipment and road workers disrupted the downtown area.  But now the “facelift” has Downtown Franklin looking great!  The quickest way to show you the striking success of the enhancements to the downtown district of Franklin, Massachusetts is by this series of “before and after” photos:

Downtown Franklin MA

Downtown Franklin MA 02038

Downtown Franklin MA 02038

Downtown Franklin MA 02038

Many changes and improvements, some obvious and others subtle

The most obvious change is the restoration of two way traffic in Downtown Franklin, MA to the portions of Main, Emmons and West Central Streets that had been one way for several decades.

Downtown Franklin 02038 - two way traffic

Two way traffic has improved accessibility and seems to have beneficially slowed the speed of vehicular traffic. But just as important to the improvement of travel flow in the downtown district has been the creation of subtle “traffic calming” features to further slow vehicles and encourage pedestrian traffic. 

These changes include brick crosswalks, curb extensions that narrow travel lanes, bollards and plantings, and variations in road surface textures.

All of these features deter aggressive, fast driving and make the downtown area more friendly to foot traffic . . . and they look good too!

Aesthetic enhancements increase appeal of downtown

The Downtown streetscape also now boasts new sidewalks with red brick aprons and handicap accessible curb cuts, new period lighting with attractive “Welcome to Franklin” and “Meet me in Downtown Franklin” banners, as well as new benches, bike stands and pleasant green spaces. 

In a boon to shoppers, the annoying parking meters that used to dot the downtown are no more!

The many fairs and festivals held annually in Downtown Franklin will benefit from the inclusion of sources of electric power on Main Street.

Downtown Franklin MA 02038

In sum, the facelift to Downtown Franklin, Massachusetts have significantly improved the look and function of the downtown district.  The improvements should help the ongoing revitalization of what can become again a shopping and services destination in town!

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