Conservation Area Between Lincoln & Maple Streets, Franklin, MA

This nearly 42 acre parcel of conservation land runs parallel to Lincoln Street and lies between Lincoln and Maple Streets in Franklin, MA.


This conservation area in Franklin, MA appears to be unnamed.  It provides very pleasant walks through gently rolling, wooded terrain. 


There are occasional abandoned stone walls which mark what must have been at one point in the past cleared farm and pasture land.  Trails cross a couple of steams, and you’ll walk by two large ponds (Fales and Rodgers).  I have seen deer, foxes, turtles, and hawks i my frequent walks in this area.  If you look carefully you see evidence of beaver at the ponds.

Access is fairly limited and to my knowledge no designated parking areas exist.  You can get onto walking trails within the Franklin Woods subdivision (on a public street called Bridle Path) and from the cul-de-sacs at the end of other public streets (Madison Avenue and Eric Drive in Franklin, MA).