Franklin Schools Offer Great Summer Programs

The Franklin, MA Public Schools offer a wonderful summer program of academics, sports and fun activities for children of all ages.  The summer program speaks volumes about the extraordinarily high quality of academics, sports and staff at the Franklin Public School system.

Registration is open to Franklin residents and non-residents alike.  The summer program starts with pre-kindergarteners and extends its offerings to students in the high school years.

Click on image to download catalog.

Click on image to download Franklin Public Schools' Summer Program catalog.

You can download the 35 page summer program catalog by clicking the image above.

Here’s a brief recap of the summer programs offered by the Franklin Public Schools:

•  Star

The Star program is for children getting ready to enter kindergarten through the 5th grade.

Offerings are divided into two sub-groups: Academic and Enrichment.

The academic offerings are classroom-based and serve as an introduction for students to their next grade level.

The 58 Enrichment offerings focus more fun and hands on involvement in variety of intellectual and physical activities ranging from movie making, web design, inventing, music and acting, and cooking to soccer and backyard sports.  Check out the catalog  . . . there’s a whole lot more to Star!

•  Gianormous

The Gianormous program is for children entering grades 5 – 8.

This program features a series of week-long sessions each with its own theme.  Each week’s session includes a field trip.

Themes for 2009 include Computers and Technology (“Tech Know How” with a field trip to MIT), Movie Making (“Hello to Hollywood” with a field trip to Emerson College’s television and radio studios),and Science (“Science is Everywhere” with a field trip to Georges Island in Boston Harbor).

•  The High School Experience

The High School Experience is for children entering the 9th grade.

This is a very good program covering the many aspects of the sometimes-challenging transition to high school.  Children get to meet faculty and staff and learn how to be more effective students in their new environment.

Additional summer programs feature varied and rich offerings in music, art, sports and high school academics.

Fees for all these summer programs are affordable.

Participating in the summer program offered by the Franklin Public School System is a smart way to keep your child active and mentally and physically engaged during the long summer months ahead!

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