Keller Elementary

Helen Keller Elementary School Franklin MA

The Helen Keller Elementary School is located at 500 Lincoln Street in Franklin, MA.  It shares its facility and campus with the Annie Sullivan Middle School.

Helen Keller Elementary School Franklin MA

Keller video tour

Keller Elementary is the town’s newest primary school.  I have had the pleasure of having both of my sons attend the Keller School. The faculty and staff are caring and kind while the education my boys have received at Keller has been superlative!  The video below gives you a tour of the classrooms and other important features of the Keller school campus:

Homes for sale in Helen Keller school district

The above is a good faith attempt to depict all the single-family homes currently available in the school district. The above depiction is subject to error and omission. Viewers are strongly advised to independently confirm with the Franklin public school system the school district in which any particular home is located.

Learn more about Keller Elementary

The Keller Elementary School website is a valuable source of information about the school:

Helen Keller Elementary School Franklin MA

Keller School Report Card

Another trusted provider of data about the school is the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). 

The DESE Report Card for the Keller School will give you an in-depth analysis of how the school is performing.  Keller students did well on the latest round of standardized testing conducted by the DESE.

Keller students by far outperformed the state average on both Math and English Language Arts tests.

How Keller performs on school rating websites

There are many school rating websites that report on high schools, colleges and universities. Relatively few cover elementary schools. Follow the hotlinks in the images below to see how the Keller Elementary School in Franklin, Massachusetts ranks on three of the top rating sites for elementary schools:

Read the posts below to get a better feel for the Keller School community.  Contact Warren Reynolds with any questions about Keller and living in Franklin, Massachusetts!


June 3, 2013
Helen Keller Elementary School Franklin MA

Keller Elementary School tour

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Keller Elementary Schol Franklin MA - science night 1

Keller Elementary School Science Night

A wonderful series of hands-on science nights are held each year at the Keller Elementary School in Franklin, MA.  Sponsored by the Keller Parent Communication Council […]
September 4, 2012
Keller Elementary School Franklin MA

First day of school at Keller

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Arts and music at Keller

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Fun fair at Keller Elementary

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