Wild weather in Franklin, MA

After a few days of mild temperatures followed by some very heavy rain and high winds yesterday in Massachusetts, Franklin residents woke up today to a very different landscape: the snow cover is mostly gone!

Jan thaw Franklin MA 1

Warm temperatures and heavy rains

Massachusetts was lashed Monday by very strong winds and pouring rain all day.  It was very wild weather.

What had been deep snow cover since before Christmas is now mostly bare lawns.  Patchy remnants of ice and snow remain.  

Jan thaw Franklin MA 2

At least we don’t need the snow boots anymore!

Roof damage

My 3 year old told me this morning that he saw something in the rear yard.

wind damage Franklin MA 1

 I checked the situation out and found roofing shingles on the grass.

The strong winds had damaged the roof to our home.

wind damage Franklin MA 2

I have a call into a Franklin roofer – I bet a lot of other homeowners are looking for quick repairs today too!

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