New trash and recycling containers delivered in Franklin, MA

New trash containers are being delivered in Franklin, MA this week.  It’s all part of the new single-stream recycling and automated trash pick-up system set to debut soon in the Massachusetts town.

new trash system Franklin MA 3

Click to learn about the new trash pick-up system.

Containers coming June 14 – June 21

Trucks came though my neighborhood today, dropping off the new containers at each house.

new trash system Franklin MA 1

Deliveries will continue through the week of June 21, 2010. 

All “eligible” residences will get the containers.  So I assume many condos and multi-family homes in Franklin with private collection will not participate in the new system. 

Two containers – black top and yellow top

You get two identical containers. 

Each has a 65-gallon capacity.  No overflow items left outside the containers will be picked up; there are 33 gallon overflow bags for sale at the Franklin DPW.

One container is for trash and has a black top. 

new trash system Franklin MA 5

  The other container is for recyclables and has a yellow top.

new trash system Franklin MA 4

Containers belong to town

The containers belong to the town but it looks like you are responsible for maintenance. 

new trash system Franklin MA 8

Seemingly, loss or damage to the containers are the responsibility of each household.

Let’s hope this system increases recycling and saves the town money!

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