Single stream recycling success in Franklin, MA

Franklin, MA is reaping the rewards of the single stream recycling program it implemented last year. Not only is the system extremely easy for town residents to use, it’s saving Franklin lots of money as well. Compared to more onerous recycling programs used by some other towns in Massachusetts, Franklin’s single stream recycling is a clear winner!

single stream recycling & trash system Franklin MA

Saving money, reducing waste by making recycling easy

In its first year of operation, Franklin, MA’s single stream recycling program reduced the amount of trash sent by Franklin to regional landfills by 18 percent.  This reduction is saving Franklin taxpayers $100,000 per year in trash disposal costs.  And because the Massachusetts community’s recycling rate has also increased 15%, Franklin is earning $20,000 annually selling all that extra recyclable material.

Franklin’s award-winning program

It’s rare that a government program works so well and saves money too.  The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection is so pleased with Franklin’s outstanding recycling results that it recently awarded $86,500 to the town to help defray the recycling program’s initial start-up costs.

The key to success and user satisfaction with municipal recycling programs appears to be ease of use.  And nothing could be easier than the single stream system adopted by Franklin, MA in 2010.

Franklin residents no longer need to separate glass and cans from paper.  Everything goes into one large, sturdy recycling container that has wheels and a cover.

Franklin MA single stream recycling bin

The accent is on large – these containers hold a lot of stuff!

A big truck comes and uses a mechanical arm to grapple, lift and return the bin. It’s very easy and efficient . . .

Much easier than old dual stream system

The old dual stream recycling system used by Franklin was simply not user friendly and was not conducive to extensive recycling.

The hallmark of that system was those annoyingly small, lightweight  recycling bins so common with dual stream recycling systems.

Franklin MA dual stream recycling bins

Paper went in one bin, plastic and aluminum cans in the other.

The main problem was that these bins didn’t hold very much and had no covers.

debris left from dual stream recycling

Lightweight paper and plastic items frequently overflowed and ended up blowing into neighbors’ yards on collection days.  Newspaper and cardboard got wet and soggy when it rained.

On very windy days the empty bins themselves would often migrate down the street and had to be retrieved by harried homeowners.

Easy recycling and trash disposal enhances quality of life

Our modern lifestyle is full of minor nuisances and inconveniences.

It makes no sense to make recycling just another annoyance to be put up with (or even worse to minimize).

The advantage of Franklin, MA’s trash and recycling system is the large, wheeled bins; the trash bin is identical to the recycling bin, just with a different colored lid.

The two sturdy, large, wheeled bins combined make it extremely easy for Franklin, MA residents to increase recycling and still dispose of trash in an efficient, convenient  manner. The system enhances the quality of life in Franklin. It works effectively – just look at Franklin’s recent record of recycling success.

Buy a home where trash and recycling is easy?

People considering buying a home in Massachusetts may want to investigate the types of recycling and trash disposal used in the municipalities in which they are considering living.  Franklin’s easy, highly successful trash disposal and single stream recycling system is just one more reason to buy a home in Franklin!

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