Splits, raised ranches and multi-level homes for sale in Franklin MA

The split level home is a popular home style in Massachusetts.  The split offers lots of usable living space, often at a more affordable price than capes and colonial homes.  You can encounter conflicting explanations of exactly what a split is as opposed to the less-common raised ranch.  When you add multi-level homes into the mix, you can end up with lots of confusion.  So here’s a brief description of each home style; all these styles are shown for sale lower on this page.

Split level home

Split level homes have two living levels: a main floor and a partially below ground basement. The front door leads to an entrance way between the two levels, with stairs leading up and down (hence “split level”). The main living areas and bedrooms tend to be located on the main floor, while the garage and perhaps a family room are typically in the basement.

Raised ranch

Raised Ranches are variants of split level homes.  Here the basement is at ground level.  One enters at that ground level and walks up stairs to the main living level.

Multi-level home

Multi-level homes are similar to split level homes, but with additional finished living space, often extended out over an attached garage. Access to that extra space is from the main living level up a half-flight of stairs.  Thus these homes have 3 living levels comprising 2 ½ stories.

Splits, raised ranches and multi-level homes for sale

You find below all split level, raised ranch and multi-level homes for sale in the Town of Franklin, MA. Contact Warren if you’d like to get inside any of the homes you see here.

Note that this display may include some homes for sale whose style of construction does not match true split, raised ranch or multi-level architecture.  The discrepancy is due to the way house style data was entered into the MLS for each listing.

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