Avoid risk of carbon monoxide poisioning due to deep snow

The Blizzard of 2015 may have been a dud in New York City, but it certainly socked most of Massachusetts with a lot of snow.  The propensity of this powdery snow to form deep drifts has made it tough on businesses and home owners to dig out sidewalks and driveways.

deep snow MA 2015 blizzard

Clear exterior exhaust vents of snow

The blizzard coincided with the 10th anniversary of the death of Massachusetts resident Nicole Garofalo.  The 7 year old died from carbon monoxide poisoning after her home in Plymouth was blanketed in heavy snow, blocking the home’s furnace exhaust vent and filling the property with the deadly gas.

If you have a boiler or furnace that discharges exhaust fumes directly out of your home, instead of via a chimney, please look outside your home to make sure the recent snow is not blocking your home’s vent pipes.

It will take just a few seconds to check your home’s exhaust vents and may save your life!  If you have elderly neighbors, please take a look at their home as well.

Clear low roofs of snow

There may be more snow on the way in coming days.  You may want to get as much of it off your roof as can safely be done now before the snow load gets heavier.

remove snow from roof

Stay safe this winter – here’s to an early spring!

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