Fireworks to return to Franklin MA Fourth of July Celebration

After a hiatus of about five years, the beloved fireworks display will finally make a long-awaited reappearance at the 2018 edition of the annual Franklin Fourth of July Celebration in Franklin, Massachusetts. The triumphant return of the fireworks show will get under way July 3 at 9:30 PM at the Franklin High School. The best viewing will be from the parking lots at the High School, the Franklin July 4th Coalition has advised.

Halted due to construction of new High School

The Franklin Fourth of July Celebration’s annual fireworks display went on hiatus during the construction of the new Franklin High School.

Franklin MA Fourth 4th July Celebration

The new High School building was built on the ball fields next to the old High School building.  These ball fields had been the site on which fireworks show had been staged for years. However, even though the new High School opened 2014, there still was no space from which to safely host the fireworks display, until after both the old High School building was demolished and new ball fields were installed where the old Franklin High School building had stood.  The turf on the new fields needed extra time to take root, so it was not until this year that the Franklin Fourth of July Celebration fireworks could resume on the newly opened ball fields.

Because the new fields are now behind the new school building, your former favorite viewing spot for the fireworks display from years past may not be the most suitable anymore.  So this first rendition of the revived fireworks may be a time of trial and error while we all discover new places to take in the show. 

Days of family fun at the Franklin Fourth of July Celebration

Residents of the Town of Franklin, MA are set for six days of fun at the Franklin Town Common during this year’s Franklin Fourth of July Celebration! The Celebration’s events schedule can be viewed here:

The Franklin Town Common will maintain its annual tradition of being transformed into a “mini-fair ground” for several days, hosting amusement rides (there’s a pretty decent range of rides suitable for the very young and for older kids as well), carny games, food vendors, and live shows and music:

Support the Franklin Fourth of July Celebration

The Franklin Fourth of July Celebration has been a labor of love for decades and is built on the hard work of volunteers and generous donations from the community and local businesses.  Please help keep this tradition alive and thriving by donating here:

Franklin 4th Fourth July Celebration

Have fun this year at the Franklin Fourth of July Celebration and create some memories!

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