Franklin has its share of Top One Percenters

The Boston Globe recently reported on the number of million-dollar earners living in each Massachusetts city or town. For communities in I-495/I-95 region of the Commonwealth, the Town of Franklin made a very competitive showing in terms of its number of million-dollar earners per 1,000 residents.

Million-dollar earners Franklin MA

For million-dollar earners on a per capita basis, Franklin was ranked by the Globe as being on par with such affluent I-495/I-95 communities as Wrentham, Norfolk, Walpole, Mansfield and Holliston.  Pretty good company!    

Table shows ranking of communities

The Globe reported that Franklin was home to 71 tax-filers reporting incomes of one million dollars or higher in the 2017 tax year.  For Franklin on a per capita basis, that comes out to 2.16 filers in town reporting million-dollar incomes for every 1,000 Franklin residents.

million dollar earners Franklin MA

The table above shows select Massachusetts communities ranked for million-dollar earners on a per capita basis.  Franklin is shown in red.  Other communities in the I-495/I-95 region are shown in blue for comparative purposes.  (You can view the full million-dollar-income ranking published by the Globe here.)

According to the Globe, just over 18,200 tax filers in Massachusetts for the 2017 tax year reported incomes of one million dollars or higher.  (The Globe noted that a portion of these filings likely were married couples filing jointly.)  2017’s million-dollar filings represented over a twelve percent increase in million-dollar filers compared to such filings in the 2016 tax year.

The Globe reported that the communities in Massachusetts with the highest per capita concentrations of million-dollar filers for the 2017 tax year were led by Weston (47 per 1,000 residents) with Dover coming in at number two (37 per 1,000), followed by Wellesley (34 per 1,000), Lincoln (24 per 1,000), and Manchester (23 per 1,000).

Massachusetts ranks near the top among US states for income, wealth

In many measures of wealth and income, Massachusetts ranks prominently among US states.

Masssachusetts high earners

Citing 2015 data, ranks Massachusetts fourth in the US for states with the highest proportions of million-dollar earners. 

The Bay State is no laggard in terms of median household income either, according to

Massachusetts richest state ranked Massachusetts fourth in the nation for median household income.

US census data

US census information confirms a concentration of high incomes in much of the eastern half of the Commonwealth.

For Franklin, reports that the town has a median income of $115,355 and a per capita income of $50,626 (each in 2018 dollars).

You can use the hyperlink at right or in the image below to access all the demographic and economic data on Franklin, MA.

US Census Franklin MA

From the point of view of someone who has resided in Franklin, MA for over twenty years after having lived in several other regions of the United States, Franklin offers a refreshingly diverse population with a wide range of incomes.  If you are a prospective home purchaser, Franklin certainly deserves your consideration!  You can explore Franklin, MA here