Real estate update – Franklin Crossing Condos Franklin MA first half 2011

MLS sales data for 2011 shows an 8.7% rise in average selling price for condo units in the Franklin Crossing condominium community in Franklin, MA compared to the first 6 months of last year.

franklin crossing condos franklin ma sales - 2003 - 2011

However, this price statistic is unreliable due to the small samples from which it was derived: there have been only 2 unit sales at Franklin Crossing so far this year while only one unit in the complex sold on the MLS by this time in 2010.

37% decline in values since market top

Current selling prices at Franklin Crossing are 37% lower than their highs in 2006.  However painful this is for current owners, the new pricing is setting the stage for renewed buyer interest and a rebound in unit values as the MA real estate market regains its footing in coming years.

2 sales at Franklin Crossing so far in 2011

franklin crossing condos franklin ma 2011 sales half year

Of the two Franklin Crossing sales to date in 2011, one was a range-priced offering of a nicely upgraded unit that sold for $132,500 after initially asking $150,000.  The only other 2011 sale so far was an investor-owned unit that sold for $125,000.

Home prices and sales volume in Massachusetts were anemic during the first half of 2011, creating a distinct home-buying opportunity.

Forecasters are calling for MA home prices to remain under pressure for the rest of 2011 and then a recovery should begin in 2012.

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